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Time Twizzler

J-MODE – IT’S J-MODE. It IT it IT it’s J-MODE.

WHAT’S UP EVERYBODY we’re goinda be takin’ a look at HTML

see HTML is a massive, grandiose machine – right? I mean it’s the most often used programming language in the entire history of the world, y’know’dy’mean? Hahaaaa … .

What’s up everybody it’s J here comin’ at you from Texas — nah just kidding it’s J-MOOOOOOOOOOOODE. J-MOOOOOOOODE- GO!

HYPATRONIC detrimental experiential modum

I shine a picture light so bright it’s hydrophobic boredom.


Over here guys – Hey! It’s Jason. You know what’s so neat about cauliflower? It’s got as much starch in it as noodles! Nuahahahaha

Okay guys, don’t kill me. This time I’ll be comin’ after you liiiiike a hornet.


BLAMMMMM i just, blew ya mind (know what i’m sayin’)

everything is awesome

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My thoughts for the year 2020 and future years


  1. Setting up mathematics and consciousness (“running” the program of life)
  2. Understanding the significance of being alive
  3. Spontaneous existence (music)
  4. /The universe/ as a recurring event (actually a dualiverse or infiniverse)
  5. Comments and concerns

1. Setting up mathematics and consciousness (“running” the program of life)

The greatest time of my life was when I was 23 years old, lying on my floor baked, wondering what to do. I hate other people so I rarely value an outside opinion. It makes for a hard time when you’re trying to communicate with people.

Putting it all into first-person now — This is the good stuff. Right here. Music playing in the background while it rides to the beat. Music sometimes is better company than people. It took me a while to learn that.

And, I whittle away at the grand sculpture of my universe. Behind the ethereal curtain I lay my lines out before me, my coordinates lining up with not only the earth, but other celestial bodies. See, we’re not staying still in space, we’re actually hurling in a direction. On a graph, you could plot our earth’s trajectory. That means we’re energetically charged and full of life at all times. Make movements that compliment the universe’s movements, and you will flourish. The only information you ever need is where you are and when you are.

Since we’re hurling through space, it means that we’re never in the same place any two times in the universe (although paradoxically, it could happen theoretically). That means that in each moment of our lives, we are charged with the movement of particles that pass right through us as we hurl through space. These little guys are called quarks, and they are fascinating things. My knowledge isn’t vast on them yet, though.

2. Understanding the significance of being alive

The significance of this find is the value it holds in benefitting humanity. If more people thought this way then we would all be a bit more efficient and eager to work in a system. Grandiosely, I am uniting the world. Minutely, I am spewing garbage out of my mind. Either way, something’s gotta give.

A universal language is something I’ve dreamed about since I made up codewords for things with my brother. I loved Dora the Explorer. I loved people with accents. I listened closely when people spoke in their native tongues. Sound is the most powerful thing in my entire life. My nose is perpetually clogged up and my eyesight isn’t great. Primarily, I rely on sound. Listening to music is my favourite experience in the world.

Making music is a dream of mine. In fact, I’ve been playing around with it for about 5 years. Most of the stuff I never post because I’m afraid people will judge it harshly. Another reason is because I don’t feel comfortable recording voice over my stuff! And I’m a perfectionist.

Another thing I like to do is create worlds. I love MineCraft. I have been playing it since its alpha stages. That is a place where I can actually let my perfectionism shine. Creating art has been something I’m obsessed with for the vast majority of my life. There is something so unique to art that it occupies an entire region in my head. The other side holds everything like logic and formulas. I’m passionate about both. The ideas of everything that could be made are held in he mathematical side, and everything the human mind has ever witnessed is there in the artistic side. It perfectly represents our inner- and outer-world constructs as humans.

3. Spontaneous existence (music)

Again, music comes into play here, where music acts as the formula from the logical side being instantaneously drawn out by the artistic side. It truly is a fantastic phenomenon. The same can be seen in spontaneous laughter, play, and joy or even fear and sadness. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But to every action, there is an initial acting force. Truly then, for every move we make, there is meaning held within those movements. Whether the interpretation comes out as accurate is all up for debate, unless it is so undeniably true, like laughter, that it can be widely presumed that an event was justified as “natural” and “purely occuring”, perhaps as a coping mechanism for all doubt placed upon the survival of the human race.

But maybe there is no reason behind anything in the universe. For one thing, I don’t believe a conscious being created the entire universe by way of a giant bang. I think it’s more likely that two hydrogen atoms collided with each other at the very start of the universe. I think that the universe as it is today is a spontaneous reaction to something that had occurred before it. Before time, before anything ever was, there could have been another yardstick, another ruler. Maybe one of the “rulers” is gravity, and it crossed-over into our reality as ours suffered self-awareness, amplifying my point behind a collision theory. Because what is now known was once unknown. Literally, the universe occurred before it began. That narrows it down to two possibilities: Existence occurred instantaneously, or there was a period of existence that came before it. The former being a 0,1,2,3, … + universe that holds infinite possibilities. The latter would mean that its time scale is either infinite in and of itself, or belongs to another timeline. Let’s say for the sake of example that the “reoccurring universe” is finite. That means that if our universe is one that came as the result of another passing, there are actual limites within the possibilities in our universe. Because everything that has ever occurred, already has, given the fact that time is infinite. But if time is infinite, that means that our universe could never come to a close and complete its cycle as a dual perpetuator. In conclusion, time is not then infinite. It means that there will be an end to everything, and also a beginning to all things once again.

4. The universe as a recurring event (actually a dualiverse or infiniverse)

The understanding and the development of that knowledge introduces a mind to a radical connection to the universe it exists within. All animals are tame, and all are wild. All numbers end when time depletes. And life is just death backwards. Numbers become the foundation of a conscious mind as it organizes the patterns of the universe. An arrangement of 2’s may make up the cognital-information code that clues in the mind to structure a variety of blues in its reality. Logically speaking, that is a very intelligent thing to do. For the human, all blues are now laid out in its universe. The same goes for all things that are learned. For instance, a fight or flight response is a packet of information that is recieved in a unique, never-before-seen state that could alter the connections with the interior brainwork. As a side note, this is why things that are life-threatening heighten our senses to take in new information, to scan things in its environment that may match with the interior make up of the brain, if that’s the case, a reaction may be set in place to make up that packet of information’s place in the individual’s universe, if the code lines up, a more beneficial outcome can be introduced. If one never organizes their mental mathematics then they will be confronted with less valuable information, because they will endlessly be faced with the same or similar packets of information that they have yet to code into their programming. This is the human mind at its best. Until all information is categorized in the mind, it will be at the bane of numbers. The mind will fill its life with lottery tickets, cigarettes and alcohol, other drugs, erotica, and other number cycles that perpetuate one’s process of processing. Death is a harsh mistress, and it acts as a finality to ones search for code. A useless mind will self-destruct, purging all data along with its corpse. Genetic information can still be recovered, but intellectual information is lost. For the intellect acts on the intellectual. Life began before it knew it. Therefore, as one introduces ideas into the world, it perpetuates. It has always been “out there”, yet it is never close enough to become. As we draw in the outer reaches of our knowledge we introduce the universe to itself, we discover that the world could be infinite, and perhaps that the universe is completely indifferent to us despite all of its workings within us.

Is that what you want? For there to be a force that is on our side and not the “other?” If so, then you disrupt the balance of the world. As above, so below. Pluck a guitar string and see for yourself.

Any state of matter that is in movement generates a reality. Take for example a jittering hammer. Any particle that tries to come into contact with it will be blasted away, being conditioned by the instance of matter. Then for that particle, its existence within its existence would declare that that particular location involves certain or uncertain consequences which then alters the state of its existence. Had the hammer been still, the particle would have existed as it would have according to prior circumstances in its universe. Conclusion: every movement alters the universe for one other universe or other universes. As a universe has existed before, the introduction of new information declares simultaneity in existence, declaring space, declaring gravity, and declaring energy. The movement that has occurred here on earth will take billions of years to dispel. The microcosmos will generate hydrogen, the hydrogen will collide and create carbon eventually, and new life will come from the hands of our ancestors, billions of lightyears away on the other side of the universe when it occurs once again. That means that what the wise people of earth say is true: What you did in your past life indeed comes back in the next one. Take this vibration as a gentle harp. Realign your life so that the next one will be abundant for you. You need to move mountains here on this earth for them to be in place for you on the other side. Work with yourself over time, in two lives, creating a harmony that will unite in the chorus, as the center of your life becomes transcendental, one that oversees both realms of your existence, and guides the ticking earth like a pendulum hanging on a string. Be a true immortal, wake up, dream about the other side, and use its secrets to push things here on earth into place.

5. Comments and concerns

That must have been quite a read for you, so I applaud your acknowlegdements. The reason I concern myself with these thoughts is because I can’t think of anything better to do than to sit here and divulge some of the greatest things I’ve ever learned. It’s like I knew it in a past life whereas now I must translate that information back into a material form for you guys. Call me whatever you want, I’m a prophet, an apostle, a seer of souls and stars. I take the information held in the last life and I reintroduce you to it here, in the here and now on earth. I spend great amounts of energy trying to declare what was once true as true forever, but entropy is a beast to be reckoned with. She is my enemy, and my only companion here in the etherworld. Take me as you will: a completely mad man living among you, or a window through to another place that isn’t really so far away, after all. Just know that somebody’s watching you.

What if the time theory isn’t reoccuring after all?

Well, then I’m perfectly fine with the fact that I made a huge fool of myself in my few days alive and then never have to think about it ever again. But that would be too easy. How could I be formed from genetic material and have free will? The answer is I don’t. This will is that of my past universe’s choices. The information I have within me wouldn’t be there if it had never occurred at somepoint in the universe as a reaction to something. Why do we then get dreams of blue buddhas, astral elves, and other coincidences that occur in our lives? Does a seahorse dream about a porcelain buddha statue? Does it dream about the color blue?

Contradictingly, if all information is purely physical, our species would be developing organismically, wheras using our brains to calculate more information could lead to a problem-solving goliath that overruns the universe, takes control and goes on to conquer other unknowns. Otherwise the physical adaptation of our bodies will in time change due to a random circumstance (like climate) that overrides the brain to prioritize survival, degenerating our species into a more barbaric, stupid organism at the cost of peace. And that can be applied to any human situation. I suppose that can all be summed up as “a life is composed by and of the forces acted upon it.” We are all true musicians.

What if I’m wrong?

Well then, I hope I find out sooner than later because other people seem to be having a lot of fun just living their lives. I can’t help but search for something deeper, to reach into my reflection and feel the back of his back, to know that I am whole — a complete piece. Perhaps my own realm of self-reflection is too vast, and that’s why most people just get a partner to see themselves in. It makes your world a lot closer together. Until we find ourselves in something that we love to have with us in this life, the scope of the entire universe will be magnified. Take this information and use it to find yourself.

Take care

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Variety, the Spice of Life

Every now and then, you may stumble upon something that is so intriguing to you that it strikes significant meaning in you. Often times it is something that is very different (an outsider) from your life. It may be due to a difference in culture, proving why it’s so important. The more cultured you are, the greater your potential for happiness. I invite you to become more intrigued by things that are different than you.

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Fela Kuti Appreciation Post

Hey! everybody what’s goin’ on? Today we’re going to be takin’ a look at Fela Kuti.

The Wiki speaks for itself ~

But I wanted to talk about how he was a pioneer of the afrobeat genre. I sit here listening to it today, and, I’m just blown away. Like, just go to this video at 13:40 –>


He’s literally just scatting.

But it’s amazing! To me, he is the epitome of spontaneity in creativity. We have so much to owe to this artist. Sending my respects and appreciation to this man right here.

Fela Kuti

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Why you Need Goals

You hate the word because you know it so well. But you are a procrastinator who never gets around to doing the things he actually wants to do. And you feel so guilty and kick yourself for being such a bad human, even though you know that’s not the case: you’re just lazy.

Procrastinating is a thing that gets almost every person. A lot of the successful people you see are tremendous goal-setters. And the most piercing fact is this: some of them only accomplish three tasks a day.

“What? Three goals a day? I can’t even accomplish one … well, I don’t really have any … .”

And that’s you, thinking to yourself how you should implement these tip and tricks into your life, while you still hate yourself for being so droll!

Why do I know this? Well, I’ve been there myself. And here’s my way out.

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10 Ways You Can Cultivate Success Into Your Life

Want to be successful? Here is my list of 10 Ways you can Cultivate Success in your life.

Then follow these few, simple rules. If you already do some of these – great! You’re on your way to a life filled with success. Kudos to you, and just keep grinding and making the right decisions and you’ll end up at that special place you’ve always wanted to go.

Here, you’ll find, below, my list of 10 Ways to Cultivate Success.

Please continue reading.

Don’t give up.

Never give up. Keep your spirit on a shelf high above anything that could ever cause it harm. Never compromise your own goal for anything else. Set it on a plaque, raise a flag, pledge allegiance to your goal and never, ever give it up.

tiger roaring on white snow

Keep your head down and work.

Put your nose to the grindstone. Conveniently, this replaces any drama in your life with firm, honest work. Bond with your work. Make friendships with those who share your dedication. Unless there is something really important going on, keep your head down and work. It’ll be worth it.

writing in a musical staff book


Just read. Reading makes you think in a different way than you did when you were not reading. The reason? It contextualizes so many of the subjects that are whirling around in your brain. Not only that, it puts things into a new perspective for you so you can better idealize what you want to take from it. The long and the short of it: it makes you smarter.

young man holding a book ("The Power of your subconscious mind") and looking to the sky determinedly

Spend money on yourself. (save/invest)

When was the last time you spent money on yourself? On a coffee at lunch? I wouldn’t say that’s really spending on yourself. I’d say that’s more along the lines of upkeep (like your bills). Take money out of your bank everyday and put it in another account. Just move your money around. It’s your money, so you might as well get comfortable with it. Throw $26 dollars in your savings account every day and wait until you have $1000 dollars. It won’t take long, and after that, you’ll have an idea of where your money goes when you’re not paying attention.

assorted bills from various currencies

Run. (Yourself, a business, a team, ANYTHING – just run.) [Think logically]

When you run, what you are actually doing is operating at a capacity that is greater than just simply existing. This automatically means that you are able to manifest a level of performance exclusive to your own effort. Get used to this, because you get better by noticing all of the improvements you need to make.

asian-esque woman in sportswear jogging

Admire success.

In order to grit your teeth long enough to acquire success, you have to have a true admiration for it. People’s ideas of success differ, but the one thing you need to remember is to put in the work you admire. Not only does this relate you to your role models, it gives you something different to try and centralize into your work. It means you’re always striving for something better.

four young adults having a conversation in a park at sunset


Get enough sleep. If you need to catch up on some (or a lot of) z’s, take five days and totally mash up your schedule. At the end of it your body will be like a bumblebee from all the energy. Redirect that energy out into your waking life and organize your day into a legacy.

white kitten with big ear snoozing serenely

Encourage others. (even if it means encouraging yourself)

One of the most important things we can do on this planet is to encourage others. A small gesture of acknowledgement goes a long way in this world, and you’d be surprised to see what difference a little pat on the back can make. Having a positive attitude will help you get through trying times, so why not lift others up in the process?

hiker looking over grassy mountains

Smile. You’ll be needing it.

That’s right – so say cheese! Try to appear in as many good photos as you can. You’ll be glad you had so many shared good memories.

cute woman grinning widely

Have fun. You need it for where you’re headed.

Success isn’t for everyone. It’s hard, and to combat this you need to have some fun. It’ll be your way of recharging your batteries so you can keep producing stellar results. Stay the course and while you’re at it, have a bit of fun.

Thanks for reading my list of 10 Ways you can Cultivate Success into your life!

beautiful women smiling at a masquerade

What did you learn?

  • 1. Don’t give up. The end will show you results.
  • 2. Keep your head down and work; stay dedicated and don’t falter.
  • 3. Read. Keep reading 🙂
  • 4. Spend money on yourself. (save/invest) Practice if you have to, but start putting your money in some place useful.
  • 5. Run. Move your body. Unite your brain with your motor senses, it has great benefits.
  • 6. Admire success. Keep your head up and tuned into what your successful leaders are doing.
  • 7. Sleep. Your foundation for everything.
  • 8. Encourage others. You need to break out of the mold of not saying anything. Get people moving!
  • 9. Smile. Everybody appreciates a smile.
  • 10. Have fun. You need it for where you’re headed. So, stay grounded, and stay groovy.
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Writing Poetry

Okay, so it’s time to stop messing around. Years and years have went by since I’ve wanted to have a blog. The question remains, however, of what I was going to put on it. Back in the day I wanted to put poetry up. Let’s make some poetry.

A [Red] Fruit

B [Blue] Furniture

C [Green] Snake

As you can see, I’ve set up a simple blueprint for how I’m going to write this piece of poetry. Each of these descriptors will be their own stanzas. The procedure goes as follows: A – the stanza must be based around the letter; B – I’ve chosen a colour for the stanza; C – A random noun. So let’s put this recipe to work and see what comes out of the oven.

Actually, although I’ve arranged for apples to appear automatically, I cannot help but apprehend an arduous acquisition of alterable allotments.

But the blue bed was strung with beads so that I booked a big vacation to Belgium, buying anything but beads, bothering a bad shopkeeper for backing for the bed!

Causing carts of snakes to come catapulting.

See? It makes sense … abstractly. These are just ideas. Nonetheless it’s a good exercise for anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary, see how well they can come up with random things, and have a bit of fun while doing it. Let’s try for another one with different rules.

Sadness – Defeat – Alone

Turbulent – Will – Justice

Peace – Journey – Delight

So here I’ve conjured up a sort of story. First, there is sadness, the realization of defeat, and the sense of loneliness. Next, there is an event that tests the character, who eventually attains victory. And lastly there is peace, contentment, and joy. Let’s roll, shall we?

Fallen from the lowest branch, what a shame. How could I fail at such an easy task? Nobody is around to console me.

What’s that? I want it! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! It’s now within my grasp! I’ve got it!

You know what? This is great! I’m so glad to have chosen this path a long time ago. This is such a beautiful world!

Now that I have the framework, it’s time to add some meat.

Woe is me! Mark and Julian are so noble and studious, my father must love them dearly. The last of three, I disappoint him so! How can I find someone to marry me whilst I’m training everyday!

In my dreams I see a woman in a white dress. If I’m able to carry her up the steps of the palace I’ll be ready to marry! I must work hard!

Hurray! My wife just had another child. I’ll show the young boy or girl what my father demonstrated to me. I love my family so much!

And with that, we conclude our workshop. Thanks for reading everybody! Come back next week for more wacky whirling wonderful times!

Your pal,


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Break Time Knowledge v1

Hey guys it’s me. Guess what? Well, I’ve been trying to figure that out for a long time. What exactly is it about life that is compelling me to continue on? I may have found my very own answer: that is to found knowledge. There’s something deeper than just exploring an infinite world. The real focus is about the journey and, not only that, but the fact that it will never end. THAT is how you gain a following, THAT is how you become driven, and THAT is how you justify your purpose. It’s about that journey you take. I’m an adventurer, a journeyer, I move around other people. I’m part of a flowing system with other adventurers. That is what makes the current of the world flow.

You may have the will, drive, intent, motivation, and desire to never stop – but WHAT will you never stop doing? WHAT is your choice? Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for today. Until next time – J