I saw a really attractive girl today, then I went through the whole checklist of why I’m not going to talk to her.

A coworker brought up a conversation about cars, I think I killed it 40 seconds in.

Nobody knows my name.

I’m not into meddling with people’s lives.

Sometimes I feel lost.

I am very slow.

Lacking assertiveness.

I want to give up smoking weed because I want to be a good leader.

I feel like I need it to be “me”.

When I started smoking it at 17 I got into it heavy. It feels like my brain needs it to activate a certain part of me now.

I don’t know where I stand. My life is rigidly cut out for me, in underdogdom. I oftentimes feel like destroying many things.

I want to join a boxing club but I need to move out of my parent’s negative vibe household first.

$30 grand in debt and I feel like going bankrupt. Never go on Indeed looking for jobs, kids. I got scammed for $10,000 doing that. But then again I am pretty dumb. I never learn. Too addicted to chaos.

That’s just a credit card and a car. Not even school loans or anything from the government. Don’t buy a car from a dealership.

Woke up and just wanted to shout. Like get up all you lazy-a** m*****f******s. I want to be loud. Too many eggshells.

I felt like I barely did anything at work today. Every day is the same but different … .

How am I supposed to shake somebody’s hand when I don’t know who I am?

Anybody who likes magpies, we’ll get along just fine.

Said hi to one today.

Had breakfast but was soon very, very hungry.

Forgot where I put my lunch so I ended up spending money.

Heard a guy listening to something religious.

Reminded me of my own journey.

Not sure if people recognize me or not.

Life is a piece of cake.

3PM came and I was ready to go home.

Day, me say day, me say day, me say …

Thinking about tomorrow.

No, don’t think of tomorrow!

Just want to get it over with.

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