Mental Landscape

Huzzah! Many days have passed since I began the expedition. Like a light, I was off. Conversely, I was on! I made my way through the tangled webs we weave, and in the distance I saw a clearing. A vast open circle! Again I come to this place where all is peaceful. Danger can be seen before it ever comes too close – that’s what life is, isn’t it? A game of advantage? So, take what is yours and leave none for the weak, until you need someone to feast on – that’s why you raise them up, hmm?

wooded grove

Hmm? What is this? Competition. I need them as much as they need me, but they take up resources. If perhaps we could arrange an agreement to be at peace, we could battle each other, learning the other’s strengths and weaknesses just enough that a personal victory could be declared, we could part ways and heal up again, consuming all the resources we attained for our cause, our liberation, freedom to explore the limits of man (who would argue with us?), to be the tip of the spear that pierces the beast of the unknown! Ha-ha!

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The prowl – a luminary stance, for he bears the torch to light the darkness, and in his other hand – the open palm! to retrieve what the darkness has been hiding from us. The value is unlimited (until a timely demise), the potential to advance means that all who came before us were not in vain, that their contributions were worth it – all who leapt into the well of knowledge were cold before they made the leap (their actions led up to its climax), and once submerged did they realize that it was even colder in its waters.

Photo by Filipe Delgado from Pexels

Your humanity! Please, take it with you! Enlighten the darkness! We’re a small part of what’s out there, after all (we’re in its world), so don’t let the thread connecting you back to us break. Only if we shine bright enough for you to see us will you come back, only if we have something worth coming back for. Out there in the darkness one can so easily forget. Hunt! Stand! Liberate!

statue of liberty
Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

It is only you! Nobody follows you! Bear the torch! You thought it was safer out here, away from the monsters that look like you, but now you can’t see even the monsters that lie in front of you! Snarl! Acknowledge, that’s the first step to becoming conscious! You have a home, one that is bright and full of colors! A place that is rigid, a place identified, a place that, like this one, was once dark! Make your way! The darkness calls to you for a reason (to share your message of where you came)! Reach through life and grab its hand, it embraces you, it is impressionable, so YOU have the advantage!

dark moon
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Darkness. The place where you have the advantage, a voice, the power to identify, to clarify, to ward, to fight, to break, to bond, to trust, to lead or support (that is up to you), to venture, to declare, to create, to love, to prosper, to laugh and grieve, to fill this world with everything human, to give, to share, to own, to leave, again into the darkness. Everything remains as long as you take hold of your crown, the birthplace of your fantastical realm, the oceans churn within you and move you to dry land, and the sky shines to reveal to you that, it too, is a light in the darkness.

fist of fury


The mental landscape that we traverse day in and day out bears a lasting effect on our character. I believe that it is a direct reflection of who we are in the real world. This is what I go through – a mental battle of darkness and light, unknown and known, primal and refined. If I check my ego at the door, I’m just a regular human being. Any one of us can be heroes (any one of us can be dead meat), and that’s where our power comes from. Kudos to you for making it this far ~

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