Writing Poetry

Okay, so it’s time to stop messing around. Years and years have went by since I’ve wanted to have a blog. The question remains, however, of what I was going to put on it. Back in the day I wanted to put poetry up. Let’s make some poetry.

A [Red] Fruit

B [Blue] Furniture

C [Green] Snake

As you can see, I’ve set up a simple blueprint for how I’m going to write this piece of poetry. Each of these descriptors will be their own stanzas. The procedure goes as follows: A – the stanza must be based around the letter; B – I’ve chosen a colour for the stanza; C – A random noun. So let’s put this recipe to work and see what comes out of the oven.

Actually, although I’ve arranged for apples to appear automatically, I cannot help but apprehend an arduous acquisition of alterable allotments.

But the blue bed was strung with beads so that I booked a big vacation to Belgium, buying anything but beads, bothering a bad shopkeeper for backing for the bed!

Causing carts of snakes to come catapulting.

See? It makes sense … abstractly. These are just ideas. Nonetheless it’s a good exercise for anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary, see how well they can come up with random things, and have a bit of fun while doing it. Let’s try for another one with different rules.

Sadness – Defeat – Alone

Turbulent – Will – Justice

Peace – Journey – Delight

So here I’ve conjured up a sort of story. First, there is sadness, the realization of defeat, and the sense of loneliness. Next, there is an event that tests the character, who eventually attains victory. And lastly there is peace, contentment, and joy. Let’s roll, shall we?

Fallen from the lowest branch, what a shame. How could I fail at such an easy task? Nobody is around to console me.

What’s that? I want it! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! It’s now within my grasp! I’ve got it!

You know what? This is great! I’m so glad to have chosen this path a long time ago. This is such a beautiful world!

Now that I have the framework, it’s time to add some meat.

Woe is me! Mark and Julian are so noble and studious, my father must love them dearly. The last of three, I disappoint him so! How can I find someone to marry me whilst I’m training everyday!

In my dreams I see a woman in a white dress. If I’m able to carry her up the steps of the palace I’ll be ready to marry! I must work hard!

Hurray! My wife just had another child. I’ll show the young boy or girl what my father demonstrated to me. I love my family so much!

And with that, we conclude our workshop. Thanks for reading everybody! Come back next week for more wacky whirling wonderful times!

Your pal,


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