Why you Need Goals

Here’s the real kicker: To do’s are simple, one-time tasks that can be just about anything. A goal is something that has time attached to it. Think of to do’s like binary – it’s just zeros and ones. A goal is something like a branch. If you accomplish one of those, it’s likely to benefit you in numerous ways. Goals can be thought up throughout your day (that’s why having a notebook is handy), and generally to do’s can be accomplished in a day as you come up with them. Basically, goals are to do’s that take longer.

Big Goals

If your order of importance looks like this:

  1. To do
  2. New goal
  3. Big goal

then that means you should have a goal that will take in between 3 and 5 years, given that a to do can be accomplished in a day, and a new goal in a year. I like to think of these as things that can only be accomplished if the goals previous to them are accomplished. For example, if in three years you wanted to clear lots for rural estates, you would set a one-year goal to obtain your heavy machinery operator’s ticket. Remember to be sure that you document your achievements in your notebook.

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