Notes #1

All right so you guys know that I’ve been AWOL for a while. I was just going through some stuff. On the bright side, I believe that uploading a lot more will counter balance the effects that my highly active mind has on my body, relationships, and physical health.

Without further ado, here are some notes (or maybe just one note, I’ll see how this goes) on a word that popped into my head today.

Vocabulary/ Definitions

Beyond – at or to the further side of.

Beyond – at or to the further side of.

*And now here you’ll see my notes following the … well, I don’t know what you’d call it. I read the word and made a whole bunch of connections, so here it is:

“Can we see what is beyond trees in the distance? Once we make the voyage all the way up to them, yes. And then we’ll figure out a way to bridge the gap, like how the universe is instructed to do.”

Can you navigate the world? Are you happily able to traverse the landscape you dwell on?

If not, I can help you.

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You live in a world where there is terror all around. News barrages you with negativity, big pharma chooses what you put into your body, and the world will never be united.

So here’s what you do: you find a thing and make your entire life revolve around this thing, whether it be a child, a motorboat, a material thing or another person. It could be an idea, a philosophy, a set a rules for you to follow precisely. All in all, you need to orbit something like the moon does our planet.

First lesson: the thing that you make your entire life about can and just may disappear from you. When his happens you just need to find something else. I know, heartbreak can be debilitating but that doesn’t matter unless you plan to write a screenplay or a novel or some sort of music.

Picking something that you like:

Okay so you need to find something worthy of your time here on this magnificent planet. I know all of you readers are different so I’ll try to make these examples the most relatable that I can.

Music – that’s a very easy and simple thing to put glory upon. When people go to church, what are they really doing? They’re glorifying music. Not God. Okay? There we go. Music feels good to humans, so we generate it. It’s that simple. Moving on.

Religion: That’s another easy thing you can revolve your life around. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and nobody is going to blame you for doing something bad because you’re always forgiven by something. Next.

Friends: Hey everyone – that’s what you say to a group of friends. Have any? Well you should if you want to propel yourself to wherever it is you plan on going. Friends are good because you can fall in love with them, cooperate with them, strategize, sing, and laugh with them. Make your life about friends and you’ll have a good life for sure.

Fitness and health: This one is easy because it makes it physically easier to traverse the plains of earth. The basis of health comes from avoiding anything harmful to the body. One who places importance on this area of life for a long time will begin to notice that other people can physically make them ill. This acts as an even greater bonus for you because you’ll be able to navigate away from them, forever if you want. Anything to make navigating the world easier.

Drugs: Focus on this and your world will be small, but you’ll always be able to traverse the depths of your own mind. Not recommended unless you plan on becoming a psychologist or mentally ill person.

Money: Almost recognized worldwide, the focus on money will take you places, guaranteed. Where those places are depend on you and your own temperament. Good luck if you plan on making this your sole focus.

Family: Perhaps one of the most beneficial things to focus on, family creates a sense of identity that can grow and thrive here on the earth. Sticking with your family can do many wonders for your life and I highly recommend it.

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