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10 Ways You Can Cultivate Success Into Your Life

Want to be successful? Here is my list of 10 Ways you can Cultivate Success in your life.

Then follow these few, simple rules. If you already do some of these – great! You’re on your way to a life filled with success. Kudos to you, and just keep grinding and making the right decisions and you’ll end up at that special place you’ve always wanted to go.

Here, you’ll find, below, my list of 10 Ways to Cultivate Success.

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Don’t give up.

Never give up. Keep your spirit on a shelf high above anything that could ever cause it harm. Never compromise your own goal for anything else. Set it on a plaque, raise a flag, pledge allegiance to your goal and never, ever give it up.

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Keep your head down and work.

Put your nose to the grindstone. Conveniently, this replaces any drama in your life with firm, honest work. Bond with your work. Make friendships with those who share your dedication. Unless there is something really important going on, keep your head down and work. It’ll be worth it.

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Just read. Reading makes you think in a different way than you did when you were not reading. The reason? It contextualizes so many of the subjects that are whirling around in your brain. Not only that, it puts things into a new perspective for you so you can better idealize what you want to take from it. The long and the short of it: it makes you smarter.

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Spend money on yourself. (save/invest)

When was the last time you spent money on yourself? On a coffee at lunch? I wouldn’t say that’s really spending on yourself. I’d say that’s more along the lines of upkeep (like your bills). Take money out of your bank everyday and put it in another account. Just move your money around. It’s your money, so you might as well get comfortable with it. Throw $26 dollars in your savings account every day and wait until you have $1000 dollars. It won’t take long, and after that, you’ll have an idea of where your money goes when you’re not paying attention.

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Run. (Yourself, a business, a team, ANYTHING – just run.) [Think logically]

When you run, what you are actually doing is operating at a capacity that is greater than just simply existing. This automatically means that you are able to manifest a level of performance exclusive to your own effort. Get used to this, because you get better by noticing all of the improvements you need to make.

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Admire success.

In order to grit your teeth long enough to acquire success, you have to have a true admiration for it. People’s ideas of success differ, but the one thing you need to remember is to put in the work you admire. Not only does this relate you to your role models, it gives you something different to try and centralize into your work. It means you’re always striving for something better.

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Get enough sleep. If you need to catch up on some (or a lot of) z’s, take five days and totally mash up your schedule. At the end of it your body will be like a bumblebee from all the energy. Redirect that energy out into your waking life and organize your day into a legacy.

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Encourage others. (even if it means encouraging yourself)

One of the most important things we can do on this planet is to encourage others. A small gesture of acknowledgement goes a long way in this world, and you’d be surprised to see what difference a little pat on the back can make. Having a positive attitude will help you get through trying times, so why not lift others up in the process?

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Smile. You’ll be needing it.

That’s right – so say cheese! Try to appear in as many good photos as you can. You’ll be glad you had so many shared good memories.

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Have fun. You need it for where you’re headed.

Success isn’t for everyone. It’s hard, and to combat this you need to have some fun. It’ll be your way of recharging your batteries so you can keep producing stellar results. Stay the course and while you’re at it, have a bit of fun.

Thanks for reading my list of 10 Ways you can Cultivate Success into your life!

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What did you learn?

  • 1. Don’t give up. The end will show you results.
  • 2. Keep your head down and work; stay dedicated and don’t falter.
  • 3. Read. Keep reading 🙂
  • 4. Spend money on yourself. (save/invest) Practice if you have to, but start putting your money in some place useful.
  • 5. Run. Move your body. Unite your brain with your motor senses, it has great benefits.
  • 6. Admire success. Keep your head up and tuned into what your successful leaders are doing.
  • 7. Sleep. Your foundation for everything.
  • 8. Encourage others. You need to break out of the mold of not saying anything. Get people moving!
  • 9. Smile. Everybody appreciates a smile.
  • 10. Have fun. You need it for where you’re headed. So, stay grounded, and stay groovy.
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Break Time Knowledge v1

Hey guys it’s me. Guess what? Well, I’ve been trying to figure that out for a long time. What exactly is it about life that is compelling me to continue on? I may have found my very own answer: that is to found knowledge. There’s something deeper than just exploring an infinite world. The real focus is about the journey and, not only that, but the fact that it will never end. THAT is how you gain a following, THAT is how you become driven, and THAT is how you justify your purpose. It’s about that journey you take. I’m an adventurer, a journeyer, I move around other people. I’m part of a flowing system with other adventurers. That is what makes the current of the world flow.

You may have the will, drive, intent, motivation, and desire to never stop – but WHAT will you never stop doing? WHAT is your choice? Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for today. Until next time – J

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Real Life Television

I would go through episodes voluntarily, as if some reward waited for me at the end.

But all that came was a false reality. I was literally running programs.

And the worst part was that I physically acted out these episodes until they were over, sparing no humility. I humiliated myself because I thought it was right, but my program was wrong, the only reason I kept going down these pathways was because they were the paths of least resistance – it was easy – but the problem was that I always reached a point of depression.

So that’s where following your thoughts gets you. It either gets you in trouble or nowhere at all. The reason is because the vision in our head does not always line up with life’s funny intricacies. We have to constantly be battling what bothers us. If we allow negative things to come into our lives, that is the side we’ll become polarized with. I’ll tell you, following your thoughts down the rabbithole gets you nowhere but depressed and alone. You need a reality to post up with. If all you follow are dreams, you’ll knock down the pillars that hold up reality. Point said.

I used to get so involved with things that bothered me because I was convinced I could make things right. All that did was leave me broken, and the problem was still there! Now, when we try to fix things, we might go to great lengths to ensure it get’s done. Anybody ever detail the inside of a car from start to finish? Well, I’ll tell you I have and my arms were starting to get real shaky at the end. I ran out of sugar – I didn’t nurture myself. What could have been an enjoyable chore turned out to be something I never wanted to do again! So that’s why we should nurture ourselves, so we can keep up with our busy, busy lives and come back the next day!

So, before every thought I had today I asked myself “do I want an episode out of this?” or, “is this an episode?”. Constantly I was on this, all day. But it worked! My entire day went smoothly because I was watching my moods. When I realized that my moods were just reactions to situations, I never made the opportunity for a situation to come up! It’s really that simple!

That’s all I have for you today, folks. I’m leaning toward focusing this blog as a recovery from depression page. I always wanted to see somebody’s real journey from depressed to successed (coined) so I guess I’ll just have to be the one that goes ahead and does it!

As a closer:

You cannot ignore what’s around you. You can’t just “watch an episode” and have it be okay in the end. No, our actions have repercussions.

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I saw a really attractive girl today, then I went through the whole checklist of why I’m not going to talk to her.

A coworker brought up a conversation about cars, I think I killed it 40 seconds in.

Nobody knows my name.

I’m not into meddling with people’s lives.

Sometimes I feel lost.

I am very slow.

Lacking assertiveness.

I want to give up smoking weed because I want to be a good leader.

I feel like I need it to be “me”.

When I started smoking it at 17 I got into it heavy. It feels like my brain needs it to activate a certain part of me now.

I don’t know where I stand. My life is rigidly cut out for me, in underdogdom. I oftentimes feel like destroying many things.

I want to join a boxing club but I need to move out of my parent’s negative vibe household first.

$30 grand in debt and I feel like going bankrupt. Never go on Indeed looking for jobs, kids. I got scammed for $10,000 doing that. But then again I am pretty dumb. I never learn. Too addicted to chaos.

That’s just a credit card and a car. Not even school loans or anything from the government. Don’t buy a car from a dealership.

Woke up and just wanted to shout. Like get up all you lazy-a** m*****f******s. I want to be loud. Too many eggshells.

I felt like I barely did anything at work today. Every day is the same but different … .

How am I supposed to shake somebody’s hand when I don’t know who I am?

Anybody who likes magpies, we’ll get along just fine.

Said hi to one today.

Had breakfast but was soon very, very hungry.

Forgot where I put my lunch so I ended up spending money.

Heard a guy listening to something religious.

Reminded me of my own journey.

Not sure if people recognize me or not.

Life is a piece of cake.

3PM came and I was ready to go home.

Day, me say day, me say day, me say …

Thinking about tomorrow.

No, don’t think of tomorrow!

Just want to get it over with.

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Hi, and welcome to my site. After many months of thinking, I finally made the decision to start a blog. The goal here is to document my journey with an avoidant personality disorder. I’m determined to find out if this thing can be conquered, and I’m going to upload everything I can to help scientists develop a greater understanding of such an apparently rare condition. It would be my honour to pose as a testament for a functioning afflicted individual. That being said, it is going to be a very challenging endeavour for me to be brutally honest about my day-to-day experiences and thoughts, but one adage rings true: the truth will set you free. For twenty-three years I’ve been challenged by the unexplainable. It seems only logical to adopt this as a gift, then, a “thorn in my side,” to make me more resilient.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10

In life there are many pains, while some of them are too great to bear. I always say: the tree that knew not of the wind knew not of his roots.

Beginning today I will post updates on my journey through life. It won’t be easy. It will be extremely difficult for me. I will heave and ho, I’ll even scream and shout. My soul will cower in fear. My heart will race like a hummingbird. My strength will some day rise, like the noonday sun.

To give you a rundown of what having a personality disorder is like, it looks like this: most people have an edge, I have a doorway. There is no boundary to me. Nothing sets me apart. I absorb a person’s depression, joy, anger, psychosis, hate, and love. I am …

Trust me, no one else on this earth is more disappointed in themselves than I am. I am a fury, the judge of my actions. My mind is apart from my soul, my body is caught in warfare. How could I not be fury manifest?

Well, there is hope. What is it for me? Come see for yourself.